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Great course. After going through it, I think, the real value is in the system design problems. For that alone, it’s worth it, even for an experienced professional. The course focuses on laying down the thought process for attacking a system design problem. Interviewers are looking for a collaborative communication and demonstration of the problem-solving process; that organization of thought alone is worth buying the course.
Hamid Zia
Software Engineer @ Google

I found your site 24 hours before interviewing at Amazon. It was my 2nd try with Amazon, and I knew that one of the problems they had with me the first time was that I didn’t really know how to work through the system design phase of the interview. I spent the day reading the basics section and then read through all of the problems. I not only got an offer from Amazon, the group the guy was from asked me to sign on with them. Relative to the salary offer that followed, the cost of this course was without question the best investment in the history of the universe!
Software Engineer @ Amazon

The courses which have "grokking" before them, are exceptionally well put together! These courses magically condense 3 years of CS in short bite-size courses and lectures (I have tried System Design, OODI, and Coding patterns). The Grokking courses are godsent, to be honest.
Mo Jafri
Totally worth it!