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Grokking Dynamic Programming Patterns for Coding Interviews

Faster preparation for coding interviews.

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  • Author: Design Gurus
  • Level: Beginner
  • Study time: 18h
  • Lessons: 37
  • Illustrations: 254
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Course Overview

The fact is, Dynamic Programming (DP) problems can be some of the most intimidating on a coding interview. Even when it's actually clear if a problem can be solved using DP (which it rarely is), it can be pretty challenging to even know where to start on the solution. Unless, that is, you're trained on the approach to solving DP problems.

This course was made from scratch with just that goal in mind. It'll equip you with a set of easy-to-understand techniques to handle any DP problem. Rather than just having you try to memorize solutions, you'll be walked through five underlying DP patterns that can then be applied to solve 35+ DP problems. In each pattern, we'll start with a recursive brute-force solution -- this is actually the best way to start solving a DP problem! Once we have a recursive solution, we'll then apply the advanced DP methods of Memoization and Tabulation.
The practice problems in this course were carefully chosen, covering the most frequently asked DP questions in coding interviews.

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My offer from the top tech company would not have been possible without this course. Many thanks!!
Abhishek Gupta
Software Engineer
The courses which have "Grokking" before them, are exceptionally well put together! These courses magically condense 3 years of CS in short bite-size courses and lectures (I have tried System Design, OODI, and Coding patterns). The Grokking courses are godsent, to be honest.
Mo Jafri
Totally worth it!
Whoever put this together, you folks are life savers. Thank you :)
Ahmet Hanif
Software Programmer