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Grokking the Advanced System Design Interview

Learn system design through architectural review of real systems.

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  • Author: Design Gurus
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 5h 30m
  • Lessons: 118
  • Quizzes: 16
  • Illustrations: 109
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Course Overview

System design questions have increasingly become an integral part of software engineering interviews. For senior engineers, the discussion around system design is considered even more important than solving a coding question. In a system design interview, you can show your real design skills and show how they will work with designing complex systems. It is a given that a good performance in system design interviews will get you a senior position and result in higher salaries.

Grokking the Advanced System Design presents the architectural review of famous distributed systems. The main goal is to extract out important design details that are relevant to system design interviews. In addition, this course presents a list of system design patterns that constitute the common design problems and their solutions that different distributed systems have developed over time.

This is the second course on system design interviews offered by Design Gurus. In our first course, Grokking the System Design Interview, you will find the answers to common system design interview questions. 

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My offer from the top tech company would not have been possible without this course. Many thanks!!
Abhishek Gupta
Software Engineer
Thanks for a great resource! You guys are a lifesaver. I struggled a lot in design interviews, and this course gave me an organized process to handle a design problem. Please keep adding more questions.
Kaushik Jonnadula
Sr. Software Engineer @ Microsoft
Whoever put this together, you folks are life savers. Thank you :)
Ahmet Hanif
Software Programmer