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System Design Interviews: A Masterclass 

Everything you need to master system design interview.

Admission for December 2022 cohort is now open.

(9 seats remaining)

Class will start on December 7, 2022. Live session on every Wednesday at 6pm PST (UTC-8).

Class starts in:

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About this masterclass

This masterclass focuses on teaching you how to design scalable systems and how to succeed in system design interviews.

How this class works?

  • This masterclass is instructor lead. Your instructors will be the authors of 'Grokking the System Design Interview'.
  • There will be 4 live sessions, each 1.5 hours long.
  • Each live session will be focusing on a separate system design problem.
  • In-depth discussion on trade-offs, making the system scalable, fault-tolerant, and reliable.

What is included in this masterclass?

  • Lifetime access to 'Grokking the System Design Interview.' ($79 value)
  • Lifetime access to 'Grokking the the Advanced System Design Interview.' ($79 value)
  • Four live sessions on system design case studies.
  • Lifetime access to recording of the 4 live sessions.

Zoom link for the live sessions will be shared on this page.

Target audience

  • Anyone preparing for system design interviews for Tier-1 or MAANG companies.
  • Anyone interested in learning how scalable and reliable systems are built?
  • Senior engineers who wish to gain confidence in designing complex and scalable systems.
  • Anyone interested in learning the inner workings of famous distributed systems such as Youtube, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

Lifetime Access 

Certification on completing the class.
Lifetime access of all live sessions.

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Great course. After going through it, I think, the real value is in the system design problems. For that alone, it’s worth it, even for an experienced professional. The course focuses on laying down the thought process for attacking a system design problem. Interviewers are looking for a collaborative communication and demonstration of the problem-solving process; that organization of thought alone is worth buying the course.
My offer from the top tech company would not have been possible without this course. Many thanks!!
The courses which have "Grokking" before them, are exceptionally well put together! These courses magically condense 3 years of CS in short bite-size courses and lectures (I have tried System Design, OODI, and Coding patterns). The Grokking courses are godsent, to be honest.